Save costs with reduced stock levels and economic order quantities and analysis of supplier performance


Automatic reordering using multiple methods, and with integration to work with your suppliers’ ordering systems


Consumables can have alternative items and be sourced from multiple vendors while retaining full management control of purchasing 

Special handling is built in for prostheses, consignment stock, and replenishment orders

Tracking available for serial and batch (date) controlled stock

Easy and intuitive operation, with processes typically used in day hospitals, make this a very nurse-friendly system

Eliminate manual inventory management

Save costs with reduced stock levels and economic order quantities and analysis of supplier performance


Decrement stock on hand levels automatically when integrated with ‘Dox Analysis’.  Touch screens in theatre automatically record consumption by recording exceptions to the standard practice and then pass that consumption through to ‘Dox Inventory’.

Works with other systems to improve efficiency & accuracy


Your accounting staff will appreciate the journal entries prepared appropriately for General Ledger accounts and the companion ‘Dox Analysis’ system will be kept current with actual costs.


‘Dox Inventory’ can also work with a growing list of vendor systems to streamline purchasing.

A system for Day Hospitals

Day hospitals often using nursing staff for purchasing and inventory management; so this system has been specifically designed to ensure that while it provides the desired level of management and control, it does at all times remain intuitive in use and nurse friendly.

Automation brings efficiency and time saving

Purchasing has several modes of operating to automatically assemble suggested orders on vendors. Those can be treated as requisitions requiring approval or as orders that are electronically provided to the vendor.


Stocktakes are easier, faster, and simpler with smart shelf labelling and hand-held intelligent barcode-reading digital devices to count stock and ensure that all stock-holding locations for each item are actually counted.