Dox Charts is a hybrid system that can use a mix of both paper or electronic forms for the EMR; whichever medium makes the best form for each particular record in the clinical pathway.

Dox Charts is more than an EMR; it can automate and bring efficiency to the jobs and record-keeping not done by your billing system.


Popular reasons why day-hospitals use Dox Charts

  • Significant cost savings; Admin staff workload is dramatically reduced, and because paper is no longer stored and retrieved, floor space is not dedicated to storing paper charts
  • The guaranteed integrity of the medical record

Use Dox Charts in a mode that suits your hospital


Paper-based – automatically generated, printed and scanned into the searchable electronic medical record.  This is the functionality, still available in ‘Charts’, that has served Australian hospitals for nearly twenty years


Fully electronic – PC or tablet PC with touch screens, using intelligent forms that share information between themselves.  This is Dox ’Charts’ with eForms

Hybrid – both paper and fully electronic forms in the one medical records system.  Dox ‘Charts’ allows you to mix and match the style and type of record to suit the circumstance or the user.

Efficient and Cost-effective

Dox ‘Charts’ is very efficient and cost-effective – reception prints the medical record for an admission with a mouse click or keystroke while inside the hospital’s PAS or billing system.  Dox ‘Charts’  then applies the hospital’s rules to automatically compose and generate the right Paper Forms, eForms, discharge documents, plus labels if need be for such as pathology specimens or third party documents. 

Barcodes on paper forms automate scanning; for example, 100+ forms and documents from multiple patients across multiple admissions can be automatically scanned into the medical record in two minutes with one mouse click.  This functionality employs Dox’s own patented and unique technology.

Dox Charts is your medical record, using your forms.  Dox ’Charts’ prints forms that have Microsoft Word documents as their base.  ‘Charts’ merges patient and admission data onto the forms which you can make and maintain yourself.  You’re in control of your forms.

Workflow monitoring


Patient progress is tracked and visible across the hospital with real-time updates on all connected screens.


Background monitoring can generate alerts to staff when patients staying in an area longer than expected.

Staff members can have their view of patients filtered by staff role and patient progress to help them efficiently navigate the system and access the records of patients under their care or about to enter their care.

Benefits provided by Dox Charts
  • No floor space lost to storing paper which often creates another free room
  • Fully automatic generation of a chart —the right versions of the right forms
  • Fully automatic scanning — no sorting or manual processes whatsoever
  • Integrates seamlessly with all popular Billing Systems (PAS)
  • Automatic and continuous checking on the integrity of the medical record
  • NSQHS v2 compliant – Quality surveyors love Dox
  • Electronic Pathology – send requests and receive results straight into the patient’s record
  • My Health Record – automatically generate Discharge Documents and Patient Advice documents and have them sent electronically to the patient’s My Health Record repository and to GPs.
  • Integration with Endoscopes – Charts can extract data and images from third-party endoscopy systems or provide interfacing directly to endoscopes and eliminate the need for other systems.
  • All who contact the medical record will have the best type of form for them; patient, doctor, or nurse.