Medical I.T. Pty Ltd was the original sales and support organisation behind Dox software and had provided technical support and consulting advice to Australia’s medical specialists and day hospitals since the 1990’s.  Dox software, which had its genesis in requests from Medical I.T.’s clients, started development within Medical I.’T. in 1999 and was first implemented in a multi-location specialist and day hospital group in 2001.

In December 2021, to facilitate the continued growth of the Dox suite of software, Medical I.T. was acquired by Civica.    To learn more about this acquisition, and more of the healthcare products from Civica, please visit Civica’s Website and Acquisition Announcement.

Today, Dox software

  • Provides automation and data integrity for the medical records of hospitals across Australia
  • Is the electronic medical records system employed in all of Australia’s corporate or enterprise day hospital groups
  • Manages more than medical records in day hospitals.  The functionality of Dox Charts is extended and complemented with these companion systems
    • Inventory management specifically engineered for Australian hospitals
    • Business Intelligence and Costing for Australian hospitals
    • Preference Card management for Australian hospitals
    • Comprehensive integration of the federal government’s ‘My Health Record’ with automatic production and distribution of patient discharge summaries plus comprehensive access for nursing and anaesthetic staff to the patient’s external health record entries (security so permitting).
    • CSSD management having full compliance with ASNZS 4187, including patient-level traceability, is coming in the first quarter of 2020.
  • Provides Australian ophthalmologists with a powerful electronic medical records system coupled with comprehensive functionality for orthoptists and administration staff to improve efficiencies across the practice.